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Inspired by the iconic silhouettes of the 1990s, SORENA presents designs built to transcend seasons.

The bag has one compartment and a large zip pocket. Can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder.

A stylish addition is scaled down to hold just the essentials.

Wear the metallic strap over your shoulder, or remove it completely to carry it .


Products are not afraid of rain and snow.

If the product has been exposed to rain or snow, you need to get it wet / wipe it with a paper towel or dry cloth and dry it flat.

The main rule: do not leave the product wet, it may stain.

Store the bag folded in a special dust bag (included with the products). It should lie horizontally to avoid the appearance of creases on the fabric.

Once a month, it is optimal to comb the bag with a soft brush (especially the handles of the tote), remove dust and lint with a sticky roller.

Sorena Likno Mini Tote Bag